A Jamaican born bredrin who’s now based in London.  I love Photography in all forms but I’ve developed a penchant for Music Photography over the years.  
I have been fortunate enough to get paid for some of my work & some of it I do just for the love.
I picked up a camera for the first time over ten years ago but I am constantly learning & evolving.
Live music photography is my passion but I also love to hone my craft on Portraiture, location or studio.
When I have free time I will do TF sessions with different / unique models, if you think you have something to add to my portfolio please feel free to get in touch.

I have also done a few weddings so IF this music thing dries up I might take up wedding photography full time.
If anything here catches your fancy here....feel free to get in touch, if not just browse awhile & enjoy the pretty pictures.

One love
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